Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Rose Round By Meriol Trevor

I finished this wonderful book a while ago, but I have neglected to post on it (mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa:). So now the time has come to post.

Thirteen year-old Matt and his grown-up sister Caroline (Caro) are orphans. Therefore Caroline must work, that is she must work until her rich fiance plucks up enough courage to ask his father's permission to marry her. Matt, still in school, spends most of his time with his cranky Aunt, since she lives in a convenient location. But when Caro begins to work at Woodhall, a very old mansion, he spends his holidays with her. During his stay, Matt becomes acquainted with high-spirited Alix Ayre, grandaughter of cold, proud Madame Ayre, and Theo, Madame's crippled son. Through the eyes of Matt, we see Madame's bitter personality and cold disapproval of Theo, the seclusion which she forces upon Alix, and many other tense relationships at Woodhall. When Theo decides to bring his St. Raphael school for crippled children to Woodhall the tension rises. Alix is forced by Madame to stay away from the children, and in a foolish attempt to visit Matt, she endangers Theo's life.

Theo's character, patient, loving yet firm when he sets his will, and the conversations regarding the four Evangelists among other things, give this book many interesting quotes, and make this book a wonderful read. Beautiful and thought-provoking, like all of Meriol Trevor's works that I have yet read, I highly recommend this book.

If you are interested in more books similar to this one I would also recommend Sun Slower, Sun Faster, another great book by the same author. Both The Rose Round and Sun Slower, Sun Faster are available from Bethlehem Books.

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