Sunday, February 26, 2006

Thesaurus Adventures

The other day I had my friend Cathy over. While working on a post on the Map Guy we found it necessary to find an alternate word for cool, which as you know is to be avoided at all costs on my blogs. Well the cost in this case was a lot of laughs while trying to find a synonym for this difficult-to-replace word. Many of the words we found were absolutely hilarious in the context, "The Mandylion is featured in a __ book.....", I suppose many of the words are hilarious in any context where cool would be used in that form. Some of the words we considered were: refridgerated, unflappable, uncommunicative, standoffish, unresponsive, non chalant, reserved and impertinent.
Also among our amusing adventures was when we were making use of the optional coloring of words in out post to put my statments in blue and Cathy's in green. Since my mom doesn't like me using cool and awesome, I put in (as a joke) cool, in the middle of one of my statements, but it was in green and therefore I did not use it, Cathy did.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Chesterton series

I have been watching a TV series on Chesterton (originally shown on EWTN). It is very interesting. I have learned a lot about Chesterton because of that movie.
He was a very humorous person (That wasn't my main discovery for even if you have only read a few paragraphs of him it is impossible not to make that discovery.) He told many jokes about his large size. For example he remarked that he was the politest man in England, for indeed he could stand up and offer his seat to three ladies instead of one.

Among his odd attire was a revolver which he never used except when someone would remark that life was not worth living. He would then pull out the revolver and offer to shoot the person.

There are to many highlights to cover right now. But if you would like to here them said better than I can you will just have to watch the series, G.K. Chesterton the apostle of Common sense.