Saturday, December 05, 2009

What can I say... I'm a senior, and life is crazy! It's been full of fun, beauty, joy, love... full of everything wonderful! (except keeping up on this blog)
One of the many activities I'm participating in this year is a Shakespeare class. We've been reading and discussing various plays (putting on short scenes at each class) and are now launching into preparations and practices for a production of Twelfth Night. And one of the assignments for this week's class was to write a sonnet. It was my first attempt at writing one, for that matter my first attempt in writing in meter at all, and I very much enjoyed it.

I cannot seem to write a good sonnet
No rhymes, no subjects to my thoughts do spring
From my mind inspiration has been let
And any creativity ta'en wing.
Though potential subjects before me lie
As numerous as sands upon the shore
Nothing concrete from thoughts can I pry
Though I upon my fogginess make war.
Mayhap my poem had waxed quite eloquent
Describing laughter, lovely friends or snow
If I had but a smudge of his talent
Oh then such sonnets from my pen would flow.
Yet none of Shakespeare's blood is in my veins
And in this poem tis foolishness that reigns.