Thursday, June 22, 2006

Where I'm From

I am from dancing shoes and rollerblades, from books and the smell of Ivory soap.

I am from San Diego apartments, a small 19th century farmhouse and a 70s subdivision.

I am from Hyacinths and Lupines, from the farmland and faraway mountains.

I am from long road trips to visit cousins and reading in the bathroom, from "Irish outlaws" and "people from the hedge".

I am from noisy dinners, house projects and getting lost in books.

From "everyone get in the car" and "whoever's not here say your name"

I am from Catholicism, from the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

I'm from Milwaukee and San Diego; from Belgium, Ireland and Portugal, from bratwurst and cheese; spaghetti and sourdough bread.

From crutches, a broken wrist and driving to the Emergency Room with a stick in my leg.

I am from slideshows on a bed sheet with an old projector, dozens of computer files, many scrapook attempts, photo albums and seldom looked at baby books.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


.... ChesterTeens!!!!!!!!!, An Unofficial Society for Teenage Chesterton Fanatics.
This is my new blog, well not just mine it is a group blog which is rapidly attaining more and more teenage chestertonians including adriana, now known as Gilbert Girl, who you may remember as one of my friends who sometimes posted on this blog and her sister Margaret both of whom started their own blogs as well as working on ChesterTeens.
I hope you check it out sometime, it is going to be a lot of fun.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

My Summer Reading List

So many bloggers have been posting there summer reading lists I thought it was about time to follow suit and post mine. Although I don't think I will get close to finishing it here is my list......

Pride and Predjudice By Jane Austen
Jane Eyre By Charlotte Bronte
Ivanhoe By Sir Walter Scott
The Man Who Was Thursday By G.K. Chesterton
Heretics By G.K. Chesterton
A Tale of Two Cities (audio) By Charles Dickens
Sherlock Holmes By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
memorize one of Shakespeare's sonnets
Leave it to Psmith By P.G. Wodehouse
Red Hugh: Prince of Donegal By Robert T. Reilly
Big Johns Secret By Eleanor M. Jewett
The Merchants Mark By Cynthia Harnett
The Cargo of the Madelena By Cynthia Harnett
Presenting Miss Jane Austen By May Lamberton-Becker
The Strange Intruder By Arthur Catherall
Becky Landers, Frontier Warrior By Constance Lindsay Skinner
The Scarlet Pimpernel By Baroness Orczy (Don't worry I have listened to the audio book, I just haven't read the book yet)

....... pretty ambitious huh?

That's my main list but there are also these which I will read as soon as I can get my hands on them (they haven't come out yet)

John Paul 2 High By Christian M. Frank
Waking Rose By Regina Doman
A Series of Unfortunate Events: Book 13 By Lemony Snicket
Harry Potter: Book 7 By J.K. Rowling

I might also reread some of my favorites:

The Lord of the Rings By J.R.R. Tolkien
The Shadow of the Bear By Regina Doman
Black As Night By Regina Doman
The Chronicles of Narnia By C.S. Lewis

Well there you have my lists, at the end of the summer I will post how many I actually read, I bet it will be a lot shorter list.

I finished Pride and Predjudice and my mom finished reading The Man Who Was Thursday outloud to us, these were both great, I hope my whole list will prove as enjoyable.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Minnesota Conference- Post 2- Saturday

I'm back, posting on ( as our friends on The Shrine of the Holy Whapping would say) The 8th Annual Denim Skirt Invitational (isn't that a great name? I love it)
Anyways on saturday we had to get up at six for 7:15 Mass after staying up till midnight. But it was well worth the effort, Mass was beautiful. The chapel on campus is just gorgeous, and the music especially at Communion, and of course the atmosphere with so many homeschoolers all these thing made such a neat Mass, I loved it. At Communion first they sang this song that was really neat, I think of one of the choir had actually written it. Then they sang a song that I really like called Holy is His Name, and they sang it really well, it was amazing.
Then it was on to the vendor area. My friend,Liz, impressed everyone within hearing range with her violin skills, delighting us with classical and irish, it was awesome.
My mom gave two talks and then it was time to while away the hours until dinner with some other homeschool teens. You see, during the speakers banquet the kids of the speakers had to go somewhere, the answer, out to pizza. We had so much fun trying to eat pizza while joking, laughing and watching the amazing acting abilities of a young girl in our party.
Then everyone but Liz and I left and we decided before going to our dorms to check in with our moms. We made a good decision, sitting next to my mom was, Chesterton?, almost, Chuck Chalberg, Chesterton impersonator (very cool guy).
Then Liz and I went back to the dorms and talked for quite a while until our moms came back. We went to the lounge and talked about TAC until about midnight, went up to our seperate dorms and talked for about another half hour and then finally went to bed. (we sure did get alot of chatting in that day)

The Minnesota Conference- Post 1- Friday

My mom and I just recently returned from the minnesota conference. We drove up with friends, two kids and the mom from a family of seven. A girl who is several years older than me and a baby. You must imagine the six hour drive there, we were chatting the entire time, it was soooo much fun. Then we got to Minneapolis, then we got to the campus, it was beautiful. The buildings were just gorgeous and there was so much green and the weather was delightful too which made it even better. Well we got to the dorm, unpacked and then ran off to the Chesterton impersonator. We were a bit late but that was fine, I really liked it. It was the same guy who had done the quotes on the EWTN show. So it was really neat to see him in person. Then we went back and had a dorm party with some of my mom's friends from TAC then we went off to hear the dads panel, we were late again but that didn't matter much, it was really good, and funny. One dad would always start out his answer with a funny answer. Like when the question was. "What would you change about your homeschool?" He began "Nothing my homeschool's perfect!" then he set down the microphone then picked it up again and did his actual answer, but he was sooo funny. Well then we went back to the dorm got some food, hung out for a while then our friend took out her violin and started practicing. A while after she was finished we got invited to the dorm next door, where Mrs. Braga-Henebry and some of her friends were having a party, for her to play and I ended up dancing too, it was really fun. We stayed up kinda late and had to get up kinda early but that was ok, we had soooooo much fun.