Friday, November 04, 2005

He's going in the river!

A couple of weeks ago I went to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago for a field trip with the some other teens. It was very cool. On the drive down there some of my closest friends and I were in the car together. We are working on writing a "round robin" story together. So we were talking about the story and what we should write about in the near future. One of my friends, Adriana, is rather unromantic. So we were saying that one of the guys in that world should ask her to go to dinner with him. Another of my friends suggested that she should push him into the river (which of course, conveniently, would be right next to them.) To put it in her words, He's going in the river! (Thus we have the title of this entry).
Anyways at about eight or eight thirty we got to the museum. It was pretty cool. First we went to the section about the human body, not my favorite section. Then we went to the place where they had a submarine from WWII. We walked for a while past many interesting things about the sub. But when we finally got to where it was we discovered that to get into the actual thing you would have not only go all the way back up to the entrance but you would also have to pay $5 per person. So we didn't actually go in. (I was very sad.) Next we went to an exhibit about the farm. (It didn't interest me that much.) Then we went to the place titled the fairy castle. It was a minature castle that had been built by a girl, Colleen Moore. She had built and filled it with the coolest things. There were a bunch of things to listen to as you went around the castle. Unfortunatly I didn't get to listen to nearly all of it. But I got bits and pieces. There was, for examples of all the cool things they had: The smallest Bible ever and a splinter of the true cross. But that is only a tiny sample of the amazing things in there. I wish I could have listened to the whole tour, I'm sure it was fascanating. Next we went to the exhibit of a coal mine. There was about a fifteen minute wait and then we were taken into a pitch black elevator and we went down I don't know how far, about three stories I would guess. There we were taken through a fascanating exhibit of a coal mine on which our giude explained many of the functions of the mine as well as how the techniques have devoloped over time. We also got to ride on a man-trip, a sort of train which would probably deafen you after a while. It was cool going on that tour because I had listened to Rocket Boys and that story has alot to do with coal mining. At the end of the tour the tour guide told us some of the bi-products of coal. They include: plastic, toothpaste splenda and I forget what else. At lunch I had a fizzy drink and when I was about halfway done I looked at the side of the can and noticed on of the ingredients, Splenda. I leaned over to my friend who was sitting next to me and pointed at the side. We both started to laugh.

to be continued.........

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