Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Well in case you didn't guess from the title, or from my recent neglect of the blogsphere, I have been rather busy lately. Thanksgiving week in particular was rather hectic, and absolutely wonderful. Beginning on tuesday with Library Tree set-up and our second performance of Alice in Wonderland, the week was off to a great start. This performance far surpassed our earlier production, especially in clarity of speach. Yet, the marvelous events of the day did rather retard our ability for quick packing.

Thus by late Wednesday morning, our estimated time of departure was rapidly progressing later and later in the day. This, however, turned out to be a blessing in disguise, for we were better equipped for picking up my cousin and her boyfriend at the mn. airport from a late flight. Naturally our arrival at our destination was slightly later then was planned, 2:30 AM to be precise. However, we survived, and I, for one, greatly enjoyed the experience, having at my disposal a small flashlight and the books Waking Rose and Jane Eyre (the latter I mostly read while there was still natural light, for that book had smaller print, the former I devoured once sundown made necessary artificial light), and the lateness of the hour made for a quiet car. Needless to say, our sleeping schedules were slightly thrown off.

For the rest of the weekend we enjoyed:

my uncle's incredible cooking (gourmet on paper plates, with a few china plates mixed in),

three games of Monopoly, three of Ticket to Ride, two of Settlers of Cataan,

Jane Eyre and Waking Rose

and the company of cousins and friends, from whom we are normally seperated by large distances.

To my great joy, the company included my cousin, mystical_rose84, whose residence being many hundreds of miles away, lessens frequent communication.

What a wonderful week!

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Kaleb - said...

the photo of the food is making me hungry