Wednesday, October 05, 2005

John Bosco Youth Day 2

Hi, Adriana here. I'm on Ramiel's computer.
Before Righteous B's talk, he had us play a game called 'Consequences'.
We passed an object up and down the row we were in while a guy played music.
When the music stopped whoever had the object would have to stand up and recieve a consequence. Whenever they got the object while playing they had to stand up and perform the consequence.
The first time I, Ramiel, had to stand up and turn around and do the chicken dance. (Actually it should have been Adriana's but she insited that I do it.)The next time our friend got it and she had to go up to a boy in a different row, grab his head and say,"Does my breath stink?"
She got it again the next time and she had to go up to the front of the tent and do the YMCA. She got all the ones after that. They were: Give three unknown people a noogie and give the announcer a hug. She finally passed it on to me and the game was over.
Immediatly following the Righteous B's talk, the National Evangelization Team (NET) gave a pep talk. It included lots of jiving, cheering, singing and laughing. Then there was a short impromptu speech given by a Dominican Sister on finding your Vocation. After about six minutes of invigorrating one-way conversation with the audience, she dismissed us for lunch (subs, cookies, chips, donuts, fruit, YUM).

Just a quick note: Adriana's compositions are posted in purple and Ramiel's are in blue

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