Monday, October 10, 2005

John Bosco Youth Day 3

After lunch there was about an hour of rock music. During which the group I was with went to confession and did just about everything except be in the large tent where the music was. After that there was more stuff with NET. One guy told us a story about his life. When he was four his father died and he and his mother moved to Las Vegas. As he was getting older he was starting to hang out with the popular group, trying to be popular and not being very respectful to his mother. The night before he was going to go to collage he had a really big fight with his mom. She was crying alot. When she finally stopped crying she told him this story.
Before he was born she had had three miscarraiges. When she found out she was pregnant with him she prayed to God that this would be the child who survived and that if he did, she would give him to God. Now this is the cool part. When she was four months pregnant, she was in Japan, she slipped on some ice and fell, belly first. Seven months pregnant she fell down some steps. And he was alive to tell us about it. That night he prayed to the Holy Spirit and well, seeing as how he is on the NET team everything is rather self-explanitory.

I can't remeber if it was before or after the NET thing a teenage girl came up on the stage, a girl with an amazing story.
One day she had been bitten by a bat. Soon it was discovered that Gina had human rabies. Her parents told her to pray and they also prayed. Gina became one of the five people in the world to have survived human rabies. Out of the thousands of people who get that sickness only FIVE have ever survived. Although it seemed rather difficult for her to talk, it was a miracle that she was even alive today.

At about three o'clock came one of my favorite speakers. His name was Chris (I can't remeber what his last name was.) He began with saying that his friend was getting married in about ten minutes and he asked each of us to say one Hail Mary. He said that if we each said one Hail Mary it would equal a ton of rosaries. So he dialed his friends number and heldup his cell phone and everyone of the 1700 people there said the Hail Mary. That has got to be a very cool message to find on your phone. So anyways his topic was the Mass. He said that for most people Mass is really boring. Then he told us three stories about three very special people who loved the Mass. The first one was Blessed Miguel Pro. He was martyred for bringing the Mass to people. When he was about to be shot he streched out his arms and said "Viva Christo Re". His comment, "Man, that's how I want to die." He then told us how, for the martyr's funeral, thousands of people came out on the streets of mexico, a country where at that time it was illegal to be Catholic, all shouting "Viva Christo Re!" Which means in spanish, Long Live Christ the King.
His next story was about Venerable Solanus Casey. He worked a ton of miracles. He told us the story of his favorite one.
One day a man asked Father Casey to pray for him so that his toothace would stop. Father did and it did. The man said thank you very much, And he gave him two ice cream cones. Father put them in the drawer of some thing he carried around with him. (Not like a freezer drawer, just a plain ordinary drawer!!!!!) A few hours later he was walking down the street, a street lined with people who wanted to see him, when he saw a boy in his mothers arms. The boy could not walk and he cried out to Father to heal him. Father told him to "come over here." The lame boy jumped out of his mothers arms and ran to Father. Father took him on his lap, opened the drawer and took out two unmelted ice cream cones, gave one to the boy and ate the other one. The speaker's comment, "Mr. Incredible has nothing on this guy."
His next story was about Mother Theresa, who really loved the Mass. He told about how she set up a home where she would bring people who were dying in the streets, so that they could die with dignity. His comment, "Spider Man has nothing on this lady."
He then told us about several Eucharistic Miracles. Once when a priest was saying Mass, he started to doubt that the host was really the body of Christ. The host started to bleed on the altar. That priest now has no doubt that it is really the body and blood of Christ.
Then he told us about a host that was examined by an athiest scientist. He found it to be a piece of human flesh, from the heart, blood type AB positive(the same type found on the shroud of Turin), old, but healthy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His comment "That athiest is now a Catholic, duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Everyone clapped!!!!!!!!!
I thought his talk was AWESOME. I absolutely LOVED it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
His and Bishop Morlino's were the best.(Archbishop Dolan's sermon was Awesome too.)

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