Tuesday, June 20, 2006


.... ChesterTeens!!!!!!!!!, An Unofficial Society for Teenage Chesterton Fanatics.
This is my new blog, well not just mine it is a group blog which is rapidly attaining more and more teenage chestertonians including adriana, now known as Gilbert Girl, who you may remember as one of my friends who sometimes posted on this blog and her sister Margaret both of whom started their own blogs as well as working on ChesterTeens.
I hope you check it out sometime, it is going to be a lot of fun.


gilbertgirl said...

You know ria if you don't like the word verification, you can change the settings of your blog so it doesn't come up (if I make myself clear?)

Ria said...

You do, but they are necessary to avoid spam. Otherwise I would, and they aren't that bad.

Sheila said...

I am very sad. I just turned 20. So I guess it's no use begging to be let into ChesterTeens?

Well, I got a link on the sidebar at least. I'm not sure how you heard of me, but I feel special anyway, like some kind of celebrity -- especially after Regina Doman and Dr. Thursday and before the Holy Whapping.

Ria said...

Oh that's too bad, it would have been so much fun to have you on ChesterTeens.
But since I just turned thirteen last month I guess it just wouldn't have worked(:
Oh by the way, I found your blog through the ACS blog

Dr. Thursday said...

Well, Sheila, this is the perfect time for this quote:

"Being a child is not a disease. Even remaining a child is not a disease; don't you sometimes wish we could all remain children?"
[GKC Four Faultless Felons (Dover) 39]

And I would have also begged to be admitted but I stopped being 19 a little while ago. Hee hee.