Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Minnesota Conference- Post 2- Saturday

I'm back, posting on ( as our friends on The Shrine of the Holy Whapping would say) The 8th Annual Denim Skirt Invitational (isn't that a great name? I love it)
Anyways on saturday we had to get up at six for 7:15 Mass after staying up till midnight. But it was well worth the effort, Mass was beautiful. The chapel on campus is just gorgeous, and the music especially at Communion, and of course the atmosphere with so many homeschoolers all these thing made such a neat Mass, I loved it. At Communion first they sang this song that was really neat, I think of one of the choir had actually written it. Then they sang a song that I really like called Holy is His Name, and they sang it really well, it was amazing.
Then it was on to the vendor area. My friend,Liz, impressed everyone within hearing range with her violin skills, delighting us with classical and irish, it was awesome.
My mom gave two talks and then it was time to while away the hours until dinner with some other homeschool teens. You see, during the speakers banquet the kids of the speakers had to go somewhere, the answer, out to pizza. We had so much fun trying to eat pizza while joking, laughing and watching the amazing acting abilities of a young girl in our party.
Then everyone but Liz and I left and we decided before going to our dorms to check in with our moms. We made a good decision, sitting next to my mom was, Chesterton?, almost, Chuck Chalberg, Chesterton impersonator (very cool guy).
Then Liz and I went back to the dorms and talked for quite a while until our moms came back. We went to the lounge and talked about TAC until about midnight, went up to our seperate dorms and talked for about another half hour and then finally went to bed. (we sure did get alot of chatting in that day)

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