Thursday, October 26, 2006

I sure hope you don't mind seeing my artwork

Because it seems you have been and are going to see a lot of it on this blog. Anyways here's some more of my drawings.
The bottom one is supposed to be a scene from The Sleeping Beauty where the prince is starting to open the door (I had to find something to draw that had rays of light in it).
The first one is part of a famous picture of Pope John Paul the great when he was younger on one of his kayaking trips with his students. I drew it from a book of the life of JPII that we have, that includes LOTS of pictures.
So any suggestions for future drawings? If you have some please tell me.


Dr. Thursday said...

Do you have CW14 of Chesterton? If you do - or perhaps your parents do - you might read the short story called "A Picture of Tuesday".

After that, you will know what my suggestion is. If not, let me know, and I'll see what I can do.

Ria said...

We own it, but I think our friends our borrowing it right now. I should be able to read it tomorrow though.

Anonymous said...

Did you by any chance draw the picture of JP upside down? I ask because the preportions look preety good. Copying pictures upside down helped me so much when I was younger and I was trying very hard to make the picture look realistic. BTW I love to see your artwork! Keep them coming =)

Ria said...

No I didn't, I've never actually tried that, but I did have to redo some parts several times beacuse the preportions were so wrong. The oar for instance was moved several times before I was satisfied.