Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Knute Rockne All American

We just watched Knute Rockne All American with Ronald Reagan. It was really good. It is about a Norwegian immigrant, Knute Rockne who ends up going to Notre Dame, at the age of 25. He played on the football team and introduces the forward pass (don't ask me how it works) and wins the game against a hard team. After college he becomes Notre Dame's football coach and this movie chronicles his success, and once in a while failures. Near the beggining of his career when he has less then perfect team he is hoping, and praying, for a really good player. A few days later on the field a young man catches a stray football and kicks it higher then anyone on the team can. He is George Gip (played by the young Ronald Reagan) and seems to have very little interest in football. None-the-less Knute persuades him to don a uniform and for the next few years he is the star player for the football team. But he is not vain or proud and spends time at his coach's house rather then getting his picture taken in the newspaper. But I can't spoil the movie for you if you haven't seen it.

After years of coaching this story comes to an abrupt end, but I can't say how, you'll simply have to watch the movie and see for yourself.

My favorite parts were:
-When the "Gipper" is at Knute's house.
-Coming back to Notre Dame after a game with 'the army'.
-The second half of a game that wasn't going so well, especially the part in the locker room.
-The courtroom scene

To find out why they were my favorite parts, take my previous advice and watch this movie.

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