Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My 100th post!!!!!!

Yep, I've finally reached my 100th post! Now my first two posts, over a year ago, were about the gospel of Luke. So it is quite fitting that my hundreth post should be about the discussion we had the other night on....The Gospel of Luke!
We began with examining the theme often repeats, the theme of Be Not Afraid. We found many passages throughout the evening which followed this thread.
We also explored the greatly empahsized (but definitely not overdone) theme of forgiveness. We compared the two parables, The Prodigal Son and The Rich Man and Lazarus. The main difference between these two were the time of repentance. The prodigal son did sin but he repented before it was to late. He went home, apologized and was forgiven and joyfully received. But the Rich Man did not repent until after death, until it was too late so he was not forgiven.
We also discussed the Road to Emmaus, which has some great similarities in The Two Towers when Gandalf returns to Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli. We wondered why it was that the two disciples did not recognize him. We decided it was probably because their minds would already set to think that He was dead. So their mind set wouldn't let them see Him as He was.
I cannot remember what it was that we talked about after that but the conversation kept returning to the forgiveness theme, it was very interesting. Anyways we had a great discussion. If anyone who was present remembers more of later content please comment.


Johan Vanhecke said...

Hi Ria, found your mom's Tolkien list on Amazon.com, and so discovered the blogs. There I saw that you are the big Tolkien fan of the family. I live at the other end of the world, in Antwerp, Belgium (Europe), and the funny coincidence is that my family name is the same as your mother's, Vanhecke, and I actually wrote a book on Tolkien. Well, it is in Dutch because it is a book for the Dutch market (the Netherlands and Belgium), so you probably would not be able to read it, but it has some nice illustrations. Has your mother Dutch or Flemish roots?
I wrote some articles on Tolkien in English too, in Tolkien magazines here and there. One of them might interest you, because it is called 'Aspects of Christ in Gandalf', and I also mention the Emmaus-scene. If you give me your email-adress I will send it to you.
Johan Vanhecke

Ria said...

Wow, what an odd coincidence! My dad has some roots in Belgium and that is where our last name came from.
Yes I LOVE Tolkien! Your article sounds very interesting. Please send it to webmaster@love2learn.net


Hans Lundahl said...

As to Emmaus Gospel, look up what Aquinas says about "whether Christ manifested his resurrection duly"