Monday, November 27, 2006

Moose Ears

This is Bernie, Gus and I. Terri is behind the camera. Oh and sorry about the inactivity over the past week or so.


Dr. Thursday said...

You look like pillows. Ahem. I did not expect this. (Actually, from a previous posting I thought you looked like books.)

I am not sure (since I am a doctor, not a physician) but this may be a case, er, three cases, of pulvinocephalica (the pillow-head syndrome). Remarkable. I don't know if there is any cure.

Do you find it difficult to eat, or swallow?

And - I hope you do not mind my asking - does this run in your family? Do your parents, perhaps, look like sofas?

Hmm. When you are sick do you go to a physician or an upholsterer?

Hee hee.

Love2Learn Mom said...

Just as long as they don't turn into pills, I'm pretty good with things as they are. :)

Ria said...

"On the internet nobody can tell who or what you are"(: hehehehe