Monday, September 26, 2005

All Ye Lands - Q & A - Chapter 5 - Eternal Rome

1. What does SPQR mean? SPQR stands for Senatus Poplulosque Romanus which means the senate and the people of Rome.
2. The Punic Wars were between which rival cities? The Punic wars were fought between Rome and Carthage
3. Who was Hannibal? Hannibal was a general from Carthage who tried to take Rome but after 16 years he was defeated.
4. Who were the opponents in the Roman Civil Wars? The opponents in the Roman Civil wars were the Generals and their private armies.
5. Why did the Roman senators want to kill Julius Caesar? The senators wanted to kill Julius Caesar because they thought he had gained to much power and was becoming to much like a king.
6. What was the Pax Romana and how long did it last? The Pax Romana was the Roman peace and it lasted for about 500 years. 7. Who was Diocletian? Diocletian was a cruel roman emperor who made the worst persuction that had yet exsisted.
8. Approximately how long did the decline of the Roman Empire last? The decline of the roman empire lasted for about 250 years.

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