Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Shakespeare party: Much Ado About Nothing

Last Suday we had the most AWESOME party. We invited our friends over and assigned each one a part in Shakespeare's play, "Much Ado About Nothing" Then we sat down and read the entire play from start to finish.
I, Ramiel, was Ursala and the Second Watch. My friend, Adriana was Hero. My mom was Beatrice-and she did an AMAZING job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYONE was laughing. My dad was Benidick and he also did an AWESOME job.
The play opens in Messina, Spain. Leonato, a wealthy landlord, and his brother Antonio, along with Leonato's daughter Hero, are awaiting the arrival of the prince, Don Pedro, and his brother, Don John. They are accompanied by two young noblemen, Claudio and Benedick. A messenger comes before them, announcing their approach. Beatrice, Leonato's niece (thus Antonio's daughter), flippantly inquires of said messenger if "Signor Mountanto had returned from the wars?" meaning Benedick, with whom she has always had, in Leonato's phrasology, "a merry war...of wit".

The Lords, (particulary Cluadio and the prince), their group inclination swayed by the presence of Hero and Beatrice, consent to stay in Messina for a Month, at least. That night, at the masquerade contrived for their entertainment, the prince, in disguise, wins Hero's affection for Claudio, and their wedding is set for a week afterward. To while away the time, Don Pedro, with the help of the lovers, sets himself to the task of matchmaking-in short, to make Benedick and Beatrice fall in love. With tons of comedy, they move their mountains-that is, Benedick and Beatrice.
The night before Claudio's wedding, Don John prooves that he can sceme as well (if not better). He brings Claudio and Don Pedro to the street view of Hero's window, there they see Margaret, Hero's maid, dressed in Hero's gown, talking with a strange man!!!!! Thinking it WAS Hero, Claudio gets a trifle angry, and the next day, at the wedding, he tells everyone what he saw, and Hero, being slightly astonished, fainted (as all proper ladies should). The guests leave, and Leonato is on the piont of exiting as well, when Friar Francis, insisting Hero is innocent, discloses an ingenious plan to overthrow the lords' rage. Hero had fainted most convieniently, he pointed out. They ought to pretend she died, then, finding out that he had killed her, Claudio would repent. (Hopefully)
Leonato did as he was told. The lords were, naturally, remorsefull. And moreso when it was discovered (by a very clever constable named Dogberry) that Don John had bribed a common theif to meet Margaret in Hero's room.
Claudio, in atonement, promises to marry Beatrice. but upon seeing his bride at the wedding, finds Leonato had once more given him Hero. They all live happily ever after-startlingly, even Benedick and Beatrice!!!!!:)

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