Friday, September 23, 2005

Between the Forest and the Hills

This story by Ann Lawrence, takes place Roman Britain. Actually to be precise it takes place a little bit after that time. Rome is starting to fall and has withdrawn almost all her soldiers from a town called Iscium. Now ,when those soldiers are getting older, a probable barbarian attack threatens to destroy to city. When the time of the attack comes the people of Iscium are able to scare the barbarians with a series of tricks including two talking ravens, a one eyed man, and the clever usage of red cloaks and brass cooking pots. The barbarians agree to leave the city alone if the romans make the chief's daughter better. They accomplish this and a treaty is made between the Saxons and the Romans.

I love the way this book is written, it is really funny.
When the romans are trying to defend themselves from the approaching Saxons there methods of defense are really cool/funny.
Using their brains instead of swords they defeat the barbarians and without losing a single man, woman or child.
One of my favorite characters is Teres, a merchant, whose way of talking always makes me laugh.