Saturday, April 15, 2006

A Chestertonian Easter Egg

Although nearly impossible to read in this picture, this eggs inscription reads,
The men of the east may spell the stars
And times and triumphs mark
But the men signed with the cross of Christ
Go gaily in the dark.

I was having trouble thinking of Easter Egg designs this morning while we were all decorating them for the Easter Egg hunt tomorrow. I decided that this stanza from The Ballad of the White Horse would be quite nice.
I have been working on memorizing the Ballad of the White Horse and now have nearly fifty stanzas commited to memory but the one above was the first I learned. And anyone who loves The Shadow of the Bear as much as I do doubtless has memorized it as well, as it is quoted several times in that marvelous book.

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Dr. Thursday said...

A great Chesterton quote for a great day!

My favourite quote for Easter is from Tolkien - see here for it.

Happy Easter to you and your brothers and sisters and parents!