Friday, April 21, 2006

Co-op adventures

We had a rather unusual co-op today. Our normal co-op is getting together with several other homeschool families, singing and Latin classes. The classes usually consist of checking our homework going over new concepts and those sorts of things. But this time was different.
After singing which I loved (we did Easter songs, one with two parts and one with four) we got the awards for the National Latin Exam. I got 35 out of 40 right in the test for which I received a Maxima Cum Laude and a silver medal. I was tied in this score with two others but Adriana alone out of our co-op recieved a gold medal and a Summa Cum Laude for a score of 36 our 40.
After that the three oldest Latin classes got together and we played Charades with scenes from Roman history and mythology. We split into two teams and each team wrote down seven scenes from Roman history of mythology and our team together acted it out for the other team to guess.
Our team did:
Attila the Hun
We split into two groups one at the top looking barbianish the other at the bottom looking Romanish. The barbarians ran down the hill and the Romans ran.
They didn't guess it so then we made a Roman arch one of us was Attila and another was the pope. The two started arguing and then the other team finally guessed it.
The Crossing of the Rubicon
Since I was wearing all blue I lay on the ground as the river Rubicon and everyone else was the army. After some hesitation they crossed.
Hadrian's Wall
Most of us stood right next to each other one paced behind us and another ran against the wall trying to break it finally he did and there was 400 years of history covered in 30 seconds.
The Seven Hills of Rome
There were only six of us on the team so we recruited a younger sibling and all sat down on the grass. It didn't take them toolong to guess it.
Most of us were the dragon and then Gus rid on the shoulders of a team mate and came and killed the dragon.
A Chariot Race
We split into two groups (Girls vs. Boys) with two in front as horses and one in back as the driver. The girls won!
Hannibal Crosses the Alps
We had three people as soldiers marching and two as servants dragging an ''elephant'' with them.

I do not have enough time to post on their acting now but perhaps I can in the near future.
Anyways it was all quite hilarious and everyone had a great time

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Dr. Thursday said...

This is excellent! I will forward this idea to the Faculty for Chesterton University. There is no reason that college kids can't be having just as much fun. The idea could be readily extended to other disciplines - definitely a way of getting more laughter into one's education!