Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Vigil at Scheonstatt

This week we had been planning to go to Easter Vigil at St. Anthony's in Milwaukee but last night that seemed a little far so we decided that some of us would go to the Vigil mass at Scheonstatt (a local convent). But then more and more of us wanted to go and so in the end we decided to all go. It was a really neat experience. We thought the Mass was at 8 but in reality it was at 8:30 so we arrived a bit early, but that was a blessing because we had a chance to visit the little shrine.
Now in case you have never heard of Scheonstatt I will elaborate. Scheonstatt is a Marian shrine but it didn't start that way, it was founded, nobody really knows when, before the 1300s, as a Shrine to St. Michael.
Then in much more recent times a german priest, Fr. Joseph Kentinich, discovered it and turned into a Marian Shrine. Now there are many shrines all over the world but not in many North American locations. So we are very blessed to have one so near us.
Anyways we visited the little shrine which is really the heart of the place then we went back to await the beggining of Mass. The Mass was beautiful, the choir was really good, the music was beautiful, there weren't many people there which made it even more special. The sermon was really good and I learned a quote of Fr. Kentinichs which I will never forget. When talking about how baptism is even more special than your birthday he said, "Every cow has a birthday".

After Mass everyone stayed for a while saying Happy Easter to everyone else. It was such a special Mass I will never forget it.

Well Happy Easter to all, I hope you have a Blessed and Happy Easter.

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