Monday, November 06, 2006

Another finding of an old tub

It is a story I wrote when I was, judging by the handwriting and spelling, quite young. Oh and sorry about the strange placing of the pictures, Blogger doesn't work to well with lots of images. I hope you can figure out the order. So there is the story. And in case you can't read that it says:
Mary and the Baker
Mary was very Hungre and wanted bread from the baker wich was ten sents and Mary had 2 dollers so she went to the baker and said pleaise giv me three fresh lovse of French Bread a Fyoo minets later he brange Mary a hot box smeling of hot french bread. Hoo is that for he askt!it`s for me said Mary. Well here you are and 5 lovse in all like you said and they lived happily ever after!

That's the spelling I used then I hope you can understand it. BTW the end page is not shown here, it didn't fit, but you heard what it said!

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