Saturday, September 30, 2006

John Bosco Youth Day, 'Ante Lunch'

Today was John Bosco Youth Day!!!! It was AWESOME!!!!!! The day started with some music from Martin Doman. Then after a brief formal welcome, we had more music and games: Simon says and Consequences. That was followed by a talk by Fr. Stan Fortuna. It was really cool, his talk was about, well many different things. It was mainly about how so many people are bored in Mass and about the different meanings of the word bored (with some help from "Brother Webster"), which was much more interesting than it sounds. But he branched off in several places and so it was a really cool talk.

Next came some more music from Martin Doman. Some of it was just for fun, but some of his music was actually pretty neat, on the other hand almost any song can be made to fit that description, when sung by 2000 people. Do you know that feeling??? when so many people are singing together and I don't know how to describe it but it is awesome.

It was followed by a brief confession talk, which in turn was followed by a even briefer confession skit. Next was a Stations of the Cross presentation in the form of a video. Holy Hill has a set of outdoor, lifesize Stations of the Cross, so the video (made by my uncle) took us through the stations, with meditations read by the excellent voice of my grandfather. Next came more music and two brief talks, one by a nun and one by a seminarian. Since this post is already quite long I won't go into their talks in detail, but I just wanted to share something that the nun told us. She told us about one time when she was walking in a garden or some such and she looked at one leaf, and was startled by the brightness of it, she looked again and saw it was simply a dew drop, but the sun shone on it and made it glow like the sun, and that it was we should be, we should be the dew, reflecting the radiance of God.
Next was lunch and the talks following it which I will cover in my next post.


Drew said...

I've never been to their youth day, but I love Holy Hill. It's so beautiful..

Ria said...

I agree it is beautiful!!!!