Friday, September 08, 2006

1 year ago today....

..... this blog was created. Unfortunatly I don't have a great post prepared like Dr. Thursday did for his blogg's anniversary. ( And please do read his post, it is really cool)
I have had a wonderful time on the blogosphere, meeting people, mostly Chestertonians who got me more and more interested in Chesterton. One of the most fun thing about blogs (second to meeting people) is getting comments. Here are some of my favorite that I got on this blog:

from Dr. Thursday on my Languages post:

I have completely forgotten to check your blogg - I
forgot all about it! And what a good posting, too. Well, it is still here and I
can comment on it.First, I think it is good for you to study even a made-up
language. Did you know that I have studied perhaps five or more made-up
languages? They are the ones I use(or have used) to program computers! And even
more fun - like Tolkien, I have studied the "inner workings" of how languages
are put together - at least those computer languages! But this is part of what
one must learn in order to study Language - I mean the "science of words" which
is called "philology" (that is what Tolkien studied and taught). That is
different from studying Languages, which is what you indicate by your list.Here
is the list I would like to study, and why:
1. Latin (to read the Aeneid, and the Vulgate
2. Greek (to read Homer, and the New Testament in its
most ancient form available)
3. Hebrew (to read the Old Testament, but especially
the Psalms)
4. Italian (to read Dante)
But these are VAST projects, and at present I do not
expect to go very far at all. At least I can read tiny bits of the first two -
much more Latin than Greek. But someday I will have to spend some time to learn
the Hebrew letters...If I have some time, perhaps I will get to tell a little
about how "language" works over on my blogg. I already started to hint about it
when I wrote about "chirality" - did you read that? I will see what I can

I liked this set of comments on my ChesterTeens post too (I left mine out cause it was boring)

From Sheila:
I am very sad. I just turned 20. So I guess it's no use begging to be let into
ChesterTeens?Well, I got a link on the sidebar at least. I'm not sure how you
heard of me, but I feel special anyway, like some kind of celebrity --
especially after Regina Doman and Dr. Thursday and before the Holy Whapping.

From Dr. Thursday:
Well, Sheila, this is the perfect time for this quote:
"Being a child is not a disease. Even remaining a child is not a disease;
don't you sometimes wish we could all remain children?"[GKC Four Faultless
Felons (Dover) 39]
And I would have also begged to be admitted but I stopped being 19 a little
while ago. Hee hee.

And yet another from Dr. Thursday on my Co-op adventures post

This is excellent! I will forward this idea to the Faculty for Chesterton
University. There is no reason that college kids can't be having just as much
fun. The idea could be readily extended to other disciplines - definitely a way
of getting more laughter into one's education!

So that's about it, thanks to everyone who reads this blog for commenting and making my first year of bloggiong so enjoyable, I look forward to more.

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Dr. Thursday said...

Good work Ria! Congratulations on making it around the sun!

I am honoured and pleased that you enjoyed my blogg, and my lengthy posts and lengthier comments... (Of course you know that I try to quote as much Chesterton as possible but you cannot give me any credit for that.) Your own words are insightful and reveal a deep love for language and the mysteries tied to it - and how can it be otherwise, since St. John wrote "in the beginning was the Word ... and the Word was made Flesh" !!! Dogmatically speaking, one might conclude that Catholics have to be philologists (lovers of the Word!)

Well, with school beginning around now, you may be rather busy - on my own part, I am busy with two kinds of work - yet I would certainly enjoy your own "fairy tale" if you ever decide to write one. Those things do take some time, and must stew properly in order to get the desired flavour - so don't worry about getting it done just now. But do write one someday!