Tuesday, August 08, 2006

First a toad, now a bird.

Yep we found a bird (we think it's a robin) in our yard today. We think he fell out of a tree and so he was stunned for a while, but he perked up and has been carried around in a nest (which we found a couple days ago after a storm) by Terri and Bernie. I decided to try to draw the little creature while he was asleep. Here is the result.

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arlawless said...

Wow, what an awesome sketch! Very nice.

You guys sure are experiencing a lot of wildlife, aren't you? That's so cool. We had a bird family living in the overhang on our front porch for the past month or so. The mama patiently sat on and guarded her eggs for weeks, and then (about a week ago), the eggs finally hatched. I just noticed yesterday that the whole family had left. I was a bit sad. :-(

This is the second or third time that the same mama has come to lay her eggs here, though. It makes me & Uncle Stephen feel good to know that she trusts us enough to keep coming back! It was nice going outside every day and seeing her there, that same ol' familiar bird face. :-) I hope she comes back again next year!

Aunt Molly