Wednesday, August 16, 2006

More from our fridge

We have a bit more than usual since our friends the Henebrys stayed over last night(whose visit I will probably post on in not to long) and used our set too. Here is what is on our fridge:

this idle dinosaur decieveth a loathsome foul owl thus that butterfly bestowed a peaceful silent color ere an envyous flower glowed

a mortal lover measure love like

speak lightly of thy farewell

the funny drunkard was a trifle saucy

the wicked woman whispered which spot she tempt villain to forswear growing perilous pink ghostly garden

mischance methinks alas I am merry

mud songs fly lightlywith pigs playing in rain

discontent doth dream down dark dire drunk dog

alas I have love but I shall never have my maiden hence I will yield to melancholy and death

a man dost give good fortune from out of heart

oft nest mercy in thine breast

ne'er torment slander or curse lest she dream

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