Thursday, August 31, 2006

Picture This

We have been following these flickr contests, picture location, picture summer toes, picture summer togetherness and picture anything summer . The winners are being announced here, but we decided it would be fun to pick our favorites. I have only picked the winners for one so I will post the others later on.

For Picture Location:
Winner: "Biscuit in Flowers" I love the backround of the mountains, and a cute baby adds to any picture.
Runner-up 1"Ocean Evening" The sun on the water is awesome and the silhouette is is great too.
Runner-up 2"Pondering" The waves and moss in this picture really caught my eye.

My mom picked her favorites. Here they are:


Winner:"Daddy's boy"
Runner-up 1:"Summer Siblings"
Runner-up 2:"Country Cousins"

Summer Toes

Winner: Daddy's flip-flop
Runner-up 1: Toes Aglow
Runner-up 2: Baby with string

Summer Location

Winner: Pier at Sunset
Postcard Sunset
Martha's Vineyard

Anything Summer

Jumping In
Boy on the Beach

Well that's all for now, I will be posing my other favorites as soon as I figure out which they are.


tracey said...

This is so cool! Thanks for playing! I love to see what other people would have picked.

tracey said...

PS. I'm Tracey from Picture This!