Thursday, August 03, 2006

Fun with Magnetic Poetry

We have two sets, the basic set and the Shakespeare set. Although we don't really use them for poetry it is so much fun to make up crazy sentances.
Here is what is currently on our fridge:

farewell vile codpiece death
methinks I would poison thee
perchance I will bestow a butterfly
of loathsome garden to your lordship
with vehemence and torments

I like that silly melancholy glow

be merry fairy owls
for discontent doth belch

pig out good fortune
I grow silent lovely and lazy

thence a peasant must make some joyfull jest

his hat hast heart hence her haste

the whispering winter went walking wantonly

he flew the happy foul fat fed perilous flower.

I think my favorite is 'his hat', I like them all though.

UPDATE:I corrected some typos and missing words.


Dr. Thursday said...

"methinks I would poison thee"

I laughed quite a lot when I read this. And I am at work. This is not good.

Also, "be merry, fairy owls". Actually just about ANY sentence is funny once one uses the word "owl". Somewhere I read that the funniest word in English is "owl-flavored".

The alliterative ones are great, too - methinks you need to work on some triolets.

And I ought to mention that these (especially when taken all together) are akin to the newVough poem form I call "modery poetry" - one of these days perhaps I will post some of them. They are quite funny.

Thanks for making me laugh!

Dr. Thursday said...

OK, here's one for you:

Methinks I would poison thee -
Farewell vile codpiece death.

(Not water-drinking, you and me,)

Methinks I would poison thee -

(We play magnetic poetry,
Nor Shakespeare better saith!)

Methinks I would poison thee -
Farewell vile codpiece death.

Love2Learn Mom said...

Gus and I did this one - another owl one...

a mannerly little owl
perchance doth dream about a foul
dinosaur always wantonly
measuring poisons for the cow